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Forklift Operator Safety Training Tips

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Forklift Operator Safety Training Tips Articles Forklift Operator Safety Training Tips Articles Forklift Operator Safety Training Tips Articles

With the recent inclusion of Material Handling Equipment into the Schedule of the Factories and Machinery (Persons-in-Charge) (Amendment) Regulations 2014 which clearly defines that forklift truck is a machinery, employers now have an important task and abide by the regulation to ensure that all forklift operator are adequately trained and/ or supervised before being allowed to operate the forklift.

However, one have to acknowledge that old habits die hard especially for forklift operators whom have been operating the machineries like forklift for a very long time. Therefore, it is also advisable that continuous updates on safety and health tips of forklift operations and maneuvering is provided to forklift operators so that they can adapt these tips provided into their daily work routine. A refresher forklift operator safety training can work wonders for organizations especially those organizations that has a tight schedule to follow. Furthermore, the forklift safety tips can work especially those whom have previously attended forklift operation trainings.

Some of the ideas an organization can implement in ensuring behaviour change is being imparted to the forklift operators will be to use story-telling methods during the process of impartation and training. This means relevant case studies that are customised to their everyday needs can be used to enhance and furthermore increase their participation in the training. Apart from story-telling, during the forklift operator training, the forklift trainers can use in-class practical i.e. forklift training related classroom activities to help boost their understanding. Like how then The ISO Group enhances these forklift operator training, we boost it with our forklift safety training simulator targeted to new forklift operators whom have no experience in maneuvering the forklift or any other Material Handling Equipment for the fact.

At The ISO Group trainings, we embed the FARMMOP technique of training to ensure information and moreover forklift safety training into all the ‘hard core’ type of training. FARMMOP is an acronym of Feedback Learning, Active Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Multiple Sense Learning, Meaningful Material Learning, Overlearning, Primary & Recency Learning. This technique is crucial in all our Forklift Operators Training and Forklift Safety Training.

At The ISO Group, we conduct behaviour-based forklift truck, reach truck, powered-pallet truck and all other MHE training throughout Malaysia with branches in all states at reasonable and affordable price rates. Visit us to find out more information!

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