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Benefit Of Crane Training Course

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Benefit Of Crane Training Course Articles Benefit Of Crane Training Course Articles Benefit Of Crane Training Course Articles

In The ISO Group, our hoisting related trainings is segregated in the following namely Overhead Crane Operator Training, Gantry Crane Operator Training,Rigging, Slinging and Signalling Training and Lifting Supervisor Training. These training encompasses the crucial safety behaviour of ensuring proper safe techniques and methods that is being applied by operators of the crane machines. Our trainings uses one of the most complete methodology as compared to the standard crane operator course and crane operator trainings in the market out there.

One of the key fundamentals in all of The ISO Group training i.e. crane operator training is the imparting of the renowned Behaviour-Based Safety to the operators as we believe that by purely training only, the trainees will not be able to fully change their attitude towards a safety culture. Therefore, with the proper implementation and using the relevant training methodology, behaviour change can be seen in each and every trainees which can later be seen in their improved method of works. Slowly and surely the culture of works changes for the better putting safety as their top priority before any work.

Our related crane operator courses teaches the fundamentals about loads and its capacities and also the important factor of the periodical and preventive maintenance which should be part and parcel of the operator’s livelihood. Some of the key information that is being trained includes the operator’s competence where they will have a general understanding of operation, rigging, slinging, signalling and inspection of cranes, equipment and its accessories. Other areas will include the understanding of the occupational hazards that may happen which covers the topic of risk assessment leading towards the topic of risk control. With a careful flow, one can then understand why the safety and health committee focusses so much on the implementation of the risk control from their HIRARC study they have done.

Riding on the common risk assessment and risk control from the volume of experience of our team of consultants, our related crane operator training and crane operator courses focuses on the most common solutions which is embedded into the training which gives us an added advantage in ensuring a wholesome and complete training is being imparted to all trainee.

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